Learn to become your OWN Healer at the Illuminate and Master Healing course. You’ll learn delicious self-care practices including Reiki (energy healing), EFT (emotional freedom technique), and end the day with a powerful and relaxing blissitation (blissful guided meditation.)

What you’ll take-home:

📄EFT hand out to remind you of the tapping points and key phrase(s)

A Reiki 1 Manual

Level 1 Reiki attunement

📜Level 1 Reiki certificate

💚💊Reiki infused VitaLife Organics vitamin, mineral, non-toxic deodorant

📲🎼💕Downloadable blissitaion to play at home

🌟👩🏻And of course a glowing inside that will have you radiating with love and light.

I AM: My Own Healer will be lead by Emily Blake of Illuminated Reiki 🌟 and Jennifer Johnson of Mastering My Moon®🌙.

The course is $200 and payable through: to register please pay and a form will be sent to you to complete! 🙂

-Other: please contact us

✍🏼You ARE registered once paid. If you pay through PayPal it will direct you to a form to fill out. If you pay through Venmo or other we will send you the online registration document to complete.

To provide the most value to everyone the I AM: My Own Healer course is limited to 8 beautiful women.

💖 Have a blessed day! 💖

Looking forward to seeing your light!💫 

Private and group Reiki Level 1 & 2 certification & attunuements are available in Newport Beach, Ca. Please click the button below to find out all the details on how to schedule your magical day with me!