I’ve had 2 reiki sessions with Emily in the past 6 months and totally fulfilled with my results. She was able to get me connected to a root of one of my fears I didn’t know I had surrounding my Mom. Moreover, I was able to get completed with that fear, and allowed an opening for light and love. Her beautiful energy is contagious and inspiring. I appreciate Emily’s partnership in generating self-love. Even if you are loving yourself, Emily does! Thanks for your contribution to living my life freely and happily!


I have had the privilege of several amazing reiki sessions both in person and remotely. Emily is very attentive and loving in her approach. I found myself swept into a deep quiet state during each session. I felt aligned, awakened and completely refreshed after her sessions. Since I began with Emily I have had a great boost to my vitality, health and consciousness. I find working with Emily truly a powerful and spiritual experience. I would highly recommend her services!!



Emily is simply amazing! I felt so relaxed and nourished after her treatment. She took time to talk with me and listened to what areas may need to be releasing energy. She was very intuitive and focused on my healing and making a difference for me in our session. It was like going on a holiday. I felt any stress wash away.


I went into the reiki session knowing nothing about it. All I knew was that I knew and trusted Emily. She is a wonderfully passionate human who brings love and joy wherever she goes.
The session was amazing and afterwards she gave a phenomenal breakdown of what she had noticed. Not only was it spot on, but it really gave me places to look at going forward and practices I can put in place to make a difference for my life ongoingly. Everyone should at least do one session with Emily if not more. She was the best.


Went to Emily for my first Reiki season with an open heart and load of stress not only did she make me feel totally at ease she gave me such a thorough consultation I felt like I was exactly where I needed to be and was glad I went with my intuition. After my session we sat down again and went over my energy and what she read. She’s was completely on point with all of her visions and her suggested solutions were 100% intuitive and on point! I’m so glad I trusted her and I’m applying her suggestions and am already seeing and feeling the positive results. I plan on pursuing Reiki with Emily and I suggest you do too!

-Sara S.

I am so incredibly lucky that I found Emily, her gifts and her practice. She’s an unbelievable LIGHT. And now, I’ve actually built reiki with her into my regular routine. I had never done Reiki before, but always wanted to experience it. Emily was kind, gave great explanation and the session was relaxing and soothing. I felt more connected to my source, more enlightened to the fact “I’m not alone” in this world and so much more relaxed and calm. Everyone should make an effort to incorporate it into their wellness practices. It transforms your week and being.


Emily is such a great healer on so many levels. The moment you walk into her beautiful healing space you know you have entered a divine experience. The reason that I went to see her was because I was experiencing great anxiety and a hard time relaxing. My stress just melted away and I mean melted away during the hour session. I was so relaxed, I felt as if I had just woken up from a weeks worth of rejuvenating sleep. After the session, we sat and spoke. Her amazing intuitive abilities were so in touch with the challenges I am encountering at the moment. That night, I had some very vivid dreams that allowed me to work out a couple of the very issues she mentioned and I know a layer of my limiting blocks have been eliminated. I have a better understanding of the actions I can take to take care for my daily well being that will to lead to my long term happiness. It is apparent that seeing Emily for her healing is a true gift that my future self will forever thank me for. Illuminated Reiki is personal and spiritual tune up you simply must experience. Call her to find out for yourself.