Hi!  I’m Emily Valentine and I’m committed to creating a loving, safe space of non-judgment and peace for all of my clients.

I’m here to guide you and support you on your journey to self-love, and radical acceptance. I’m a intuitive energy healer passionate about teaching people tools to cultivate and practice self-love as the access to happiness and moment to moment fulfillment.

I’m a certified Reiki Master, Yin Yoga instructor, and meditation teacher. While completing all these certifications has been absolutely incredible, and serve me to serve others, what’s really key here is my life cred.

Life has thrown many challenges, and valley’s at me.

I’ve lost both of my parents, dealt with abandonment issues, numbed my feelings of grief with substances and food addictions, had body dysmorphia, experienced depression, anxiety, self-hatred, low self-worth and the list goes on. I’ve been in the darkest places many times and I’m not a survivor, I’m a warrior! A recovering perfectionist! I’ve seen, felt, tasted, touched and melted through the darkness and ultimate lowness to get to the glory, the light!

I have done the soul-work to set myself free, and now I lead a life of balance, freedom, and joy, that has it’s foundation built out of self-love.

I now see why I went through so many struggles in my past.  So, that I can hold the sacred space for others to see their core wounds, do the soul work to release, create peace, and thrive.  I’m here to serve and support YOU, if you are struggling to find your truth, your inner peace, your freedom, your joy, your unconditional self love, your GREATNESS!

I specialize in supporting you to heal:



Food Addictions

Grief from losing a parent or a loved one

Healing your relationship with yourself



Blind spots you don’t know you have that are causing your symptoms/unhappiness


My mission is to support you to have inner-peace/love and freedom.  My destiny is to share my spiritual journey and bring more compassion, forgiveness, and unconditional love to the planet.


Looking forward to meeting you!

Emily Valentine